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Place To Do Wedding Poposal

A wedding proposal is an eventful scenario often planned for weeks, months or even years at a time, to get the ultimate "Yes" from the respective partner. A wedding proposal should be an unforgettable experience for both parties, to mark the committment of the couple in taking the next step. Traditionally, wedding proposals are done with just the man professing his love to the woman.

Now in this dynamic age, more unique wedding proposals are being heard of, and the event is already a family affair. Everybody loves a good wedding proposal story and in the Philippines, the news just spreads like wildfire.

Along with the creative gimmick that a wedding proposal usually has, timing and venue should be perfect and flawless to stage such a memorable event for the couple. The location should establish a romantic feel to complement the nerve-racking proposal. With an awe-inspiring backdrop to complement a dreamy wedding proposal, Club Balai Isabel is the perfect location for a magical background to create an unforgettable snippet to a love story. This premium resort boasts of beautiful and secluded spots ideal for a romantic proposal experience.

A Private, Romantic Affair

Nestled along the shorelines of Taal Lake, Club Balai Isabel is a unique destination for those wanting to draft a dramatic scene for a wedding proposal. Boasting an incredible view of the charming Taal Volcano and the beautiful Taal Lake, this first-class resort offers a breathtaking setting for such an unforgettable romantic gesture. Aside from lakefront locations, Club Balai Isabel has other proposal ideal spots, ranging from lush greenery and flora and fauna to quaint chapel grounds.

Built by the lakefront is the Pantalan sa Terraza, a rustic platform that showcases the bare magnificence of the world’s smallest volcano. This simple wooden dock is accented with artsy lamps that beautifully light up at night adding a cozy and romantic feel. Its strategic location allows onlookers from the deck to witness the sun disappear behind the slopes of the Tagaytay range that cover the lake. A classic romantic can take advantage of this picturesque ambiance to pop the question to the one he loves.

Club Balai Isabel can also adhere to requests such as a private romantic dinner setup by the deck. The couple can dine as the sun sets, while the man stages and goes forward with a memorable proposal. Club Balai Isabel’s friendly staff can help the vying individual set a delectable course meal and stage that perfect marriage proposal that any bride is sure to remember.

At the other end of the prime resort is another whimsical wooden dock, a more private spot for those who seek exclusivity. Smaller than the one by the club house, the Pantalan sa Mobideep features an aged-feel structure of weathered wooden planks, creating the perfect rustic atmosphere to complement a significant event for a couple.

Quiet, Solemn Marriage Proposal

For a secluded spot for an unforgettable proposal, Club Balai Isabel is built with a quaint chapel located in the outskirts of the resort. The tranquil surrounding that covers the church and its classic interior creates the perfect location for a wedding proposal. Tucked away in the middle of shady trees and broad green patches, the Spousal of Mary and Joseph Chapel provides an alternative proposal location. The natural wood finish, high-ceiling and stained glass windows together with its solemn feel make for a sincere, loving proposal that seals the deal. The easily accessible bell tower creates a different, charming venue to pop the question. At the top, the sight of lush greenery and the beauty of the Taal landscape is the overlooking view, contributing as a natural, lovely accessory to an unforgettable proposal.

Whether it is an extravagant gesture with friends and family or an intimate proposal just for the two lovers, Club Balai Isabel provides romantics with a haven for an ideal venue to kneel down on one knee and ask the ultimate question.

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