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Worst Ways To Propose

The worst ways to propose to a woman are not hard to guess, if you have some common sense. Amusingly  and sadly in the same time, it seems like many men lack that common sense as we may find many women disappointed by their boyfriends’ lack of inspiration. Here are some of these awful ways to pop the question:

1. In A Text Message

What’s worst than proposing to your girlfriend in a text message? It’s like not seeing her important enough to make this moment special.  If you do that, don’t expect anything else than a short “No” and a bye bye!

2. At A Funeral

Especially when she knows or cared about the deceased person, but not necessarily; this is really not a good time ways to propose. She might even punch you in the nose and nobody would consider her wrong to do that.

3. In Public

This is really embarrassing, especially if the woman does not like being in the spotlight; also, because you might as well be refused.  In the movies, this is really nice, with all people applauding and a triumphal kiss and all, but unfortunately, most of the stuff you see in movies are  pure fiction.

4. While She Is Giving Birth

Honestly, if you were  experiencing the worst pain in your life, would you really consider answering such a question?! The moment could not be worse chosen! You might receive a dirty word in return or you might hear a shouted “GET OUT!” You should wait until after the birth, when she is proudly holding her sleeping baby in the arms. This could turn out to be a beautiful moment for ways to propose.

5. While You Are In A Hurry

“Honey, I really need to go, I’m late at work, but I need to ask you, would you marry me? Please, answer quickly, my taxi is here!” What would you expect her to say?

6. On The Phone

A proposal should be romantic. This is your way of showing her how much she means to you and how much you appreciate her. Now, if you are proposing to her on the phone, what could she understand by that? That she is not worth even a face-to-face proposal …

7.  By Means Of A Messenger

“Tell her that I think that she is the most beautiful girl in the world and …well…I would like her to become my wife…oh and yeah, that I love her…! And don’t forget the ring!” Need I say more?

8. When You Seem Obliged To Do So

“I’m pregnant!” / “My boss is relocating me to Australia!”/ I’d like to date other guys for a while “

Your answer: “Marry me!”

Frankly, It’s lame…

9. By Asking Her Father First

Flash news: this was the custom at least a hundred years ago! Today, girls really want to hear the proposal first! You may  ask the father afterwards, if you care about tradition so much, but do obtain her consent first!

10. During A Live TV Show

This is really embarrassing and most women would hate you for putting them in that situation so you might want to reconsider!

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